Software Product Management in Agile Development

This training shows product managers of software-intensive systems and IT applications how they can optimally position themselves in agile development contexts.

The next class will take place on November 13, 2019, in Stuttgart, Germany (in German language).

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The training shows what agile development means to software product management.

Software product managers learn how they can optimally position themselves and act in agile development contexts. They get to know the internationally recognized framework of the International Software Product Management Asso­ciation (ISPMA;, and how they can implement product management effectively in agile development and DevOps.

The seminar focuses on hands-on methods and techniques for software product management. During workshop sessions participants can explore their individual questions and interests. Training topics are provided mainly via case studies that allow for easy transfer into day-to-day product management activities.


  • Software product management in agile organizations
    •   Software product management: the ISPMA Framework
    •   Agile development in enterprise context
    •   Product strategy & agile development: Design Thinking, Lean Startup etc.
  • What agile development and DevOps mean to product managers
  • Techniques and methods for agile product management
  • Design and evolve product management in agile organizations and in DevOps

Target Audience

Product managers of IT applications, software or internet products, or combined hardware/software systems

Product owners in agile teams

Entry and advanced levels

Training Characteristics

1 day, max. 12 participants

Training language: English or German

Course materials: English


Dr. Andreas Birk is founder and principal consultant of Software.Process.Management and partner at He helps organizations to establish effective software processes that create business value.

Gerald Heller is principal consultant at Software.Process.Management, partner at, as well as co-founder and board-member of ISPMA. His expertise draws on more than 30 years experience of globally distributed, large scale software development.

This training is provided by Software.Process.Management and offered via is a network of software product management experts. The offerings of include trainings, consulting, and experience sharing on key topics of software product management.

Available Courses

The training is available as inhouse course or public class in English or German.

It is delivered by Software.Process.Management, Dr. Andreas Birk. Trainers are Dr. Andreas Birk and Gerald Heller.

Public classes are offered regularly in Germany, usually in the Karlsruhe/Stuttgart region, via the Xing Events booking platform.

For inhouse courses or for upcoming public classes get in touch via email.