Presentation on 17 March 2015: RE, BA, Agile etc.: The Many Faces of Requirements and What We May Learn from Them

Date: 17 March 2015, 16:40 o’clock
Location: Unterschleißheim near Munich
Speaker: Dr. Andreas Birk, Software.Process.Management
Organizer: REConf 2015 Requirements Engineering Conference

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Requirements engineering (RE) methods come in many flavours under headlines like RE, Business Analysis, and Agile. From the perspective of an RE professional in business, IT, or industry, key questions are: Which of the various RE methods and specification approaches are relevant for my particular application area? What methods fit best to my specific needs and context?

The presentation shows the specific characteristics of three exemplary RE disciplines in (a) project-oriented development of business IT applications, (b) in continuous product development of embedded hardware/software systems, and (c) in agile development of marketed software products. For each application area, the presentation gives recommendations on: What RE methods provide most suitable guidance? How should RE be organized and interact with other stakeholders? What kinds of tool support can be most effective?

Case studies from development organizations illustrate the current state-of-the-practice and substantiate the provided recommendations. Links to useful information resources give hands-on guidance to practitioners.

Dr. Andreas Birk

Dr. Andreas Birk is founder and principal consultant of Software.Process.Management. He helps organizations to optimally align their software processes with their business goals. His focus areas are tool-based requirements management, agile development, and variant management.
During more than 20 years in the software industry, Andreas Birk has built a profound understanding how software and IT contribute to sustained business success. He publishes in renowned IT journals and speaks regularly at international conferences.