Software Product Management: Vendor-Independent Certification is Gaining Traction Internationally

The year 2016 is still young and we’ve already had the privilege to teach software product management classes in Hongkong and Europe. These classes prepare students to become certified software product managers – based on course outlines and certifications developed by the International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA).

Just like last year, our training calendar for 2016 is filling up rapidly, with additional classes being scheduled for several locations in Europe and the US.

And we are not alone here: we’re glad to see a similar dynamic with other providers of ISPMA certification training. This demonstrates that software product management is indeed gaining traction internationally.

The traction validates the unique approach of the ISPMA: to develop a vendor-independent body of knowledge for product management, with an exclusive focus on software products.

This focused approach is paying off: our participants from Europe, the US, and Asia find the ISPMA reference framework highly useful. It helps them to structure and navigate the many different tasks they are responsible for.

As trainers and as ISPMA fellows who contributed to the ISPMA body of knowledge, this positive feedback is very encouraging for us.

If you are interested in upgrading your software product management expertise, we’d love to hear from you: we deliver our classes primarily as in-house trainings, and offer open classes in Southern Germany.

Our next open class will take place April 19-21, 2016 in Karlsruhe. This is a foundation-level class in German language. Register here or contact us for more information or for in-house training request.

About SWPM

SWPM helps clients achieve excellence in software product management through consulting, training, and coaching. We are one of the largest providers of ISPMA certification trainings, with more than 160 certified students from Europe, Asia, and the USA.