March 2020 Update: Market Survey of Requirements Management Tools

The new March 2020 update of our market survey of requirements management (RM) tools is available from our community website

It contains 69 tools, which we have identified as relevant and current based on our latest market research. A Selected List features a subset of 13 tools that we find particularly noteworthy.

The RM tools list shall guide teams and organizations when compiling a longlist for tool evaluation and selection. All tools are provided with up-to-date web links to tool and vendor pages, latest version information (where available, as of late February 2020) and assigned to relevant tool categories and capabilities such as agile, testing, and product management.

An accompanying blog article describes the latest updates to the RM tools list. It expresses our observation that the RM tools market is in an ongoing transformation and consolidation phase. Organizations that consider acquisition of a new requirements tool shall be careful to select a future-proof solution.

For more information check out the two web pages:

List of requirements management tools:

Blog article on March 2020 updates: