Software development relies on competence – on individual, team, and organizational levels. In dynamic and complex domains like software-based businesses, continuous improvement is a key to success.

Our services give you first-hand expert advise and effectively support you during continuous self-improvement.

Workshops & Trainings

Workshops, typically as in-house events, give you orientation in new trends and important competence areas. They can be a highly effective starting point for focused action and improvement.

Currently important topics include:

  • Success factor software: Master system engineering trends
  • Tool-based requirements management
  • Keep momentum and focus of your agile transition

Trainings give your key personnel hands-on knowledge and competence. They enable your teams to master new topics and technologies fast and reliably.

Important course topics are:

CSPM: Certified Software Product Manager is a training curriculum established by the International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA). We are a member of, a network of experienced software product management professionals, and one of the largest CSPM training providers.

Look up the complete CSPM training scheme of

Our entire portfolio of trainings topics is available as public classes and in-house courses. You can book standard packages, or we jointly design tailor-made solutions for you.


Consulting gives you tailor-made and in-depth support for your important projects.

We focus on our specific competence areas, support your decision making, and ramp-up improvement initiatives for you.

Our aim is to lead the first steps based on our expertise, and to enable your teams fast so that they can walk on their own.

Examples of our consulting engagements are:

  • Design and improve product planning and product management processes
  • Evaluate a new corporate-wide tool platform for requirements management
  • Introduce a requirements tool along with advanced requirements practices
  • Consolidate and re-define the organization-wide strategy to software-testing
  • Support the agile transition in large-scale continuous product development


Individual coaching establishes a tandem between our experts and your key personnel. It is the most effective way for you to benefit from our profound know-how and extensive experience.

Coaching keeps your improvement initiatives going and quickly gives your teams important new competences.

Remote web-based coaching is a particularly easy and convenient means for us to collaborate worldwide. So you can benefit rapidly from our unique blend of competence areas.