ReqSuite® RM Tool Review

With a new article on ReqSuite® RM, Software.Process.Management continues its analyses of the requirements tool market. ReqSuite RM provides a combination of useful features that can rarely be found in other tools, including language templates and input forms, interactive user guidance during the requirements process, requirements reuse, and automated quality checks. Read the full tool […]

Neue Seminartermine in 2022

Für die Monate Mai, September und Oktober 2022 sind neue Seminartermine verfügbar, zu den beiden Themen „Software-Produktmanagement in der agilen Entwicklung“ und „Requirements-Management in der agilen Entwicklung“. Aufgrund der Pandemie handelt es sich vorwiegend um die inzwischen bewährten Premium Online Seminare. Einen Vor-Ort-Termin bieten wir wieder im September in Karlsruhe an. Je nach absehbarem Verlauf […]

March 2020 Update: Market Survey of Requirements Management Tools

The new March 2020 update of our market survey of requirements management (RM) tools is available. It contains 69 tools, which we have identified as relevant and current based on our latest market research. The RM tools list shall guide teams and organizations when compiling a longlist for tool evaluation and selection.