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Tool-Based Requirements Management

Lift your requirements to the next level

Modern requirements tools can significantly improve development productivity, product quality, and perceived customer value. Other than conventional office apps, specialized tools make your requirements accessible to your teams always and from everywhere. They offer extensive functionality for authoring, visualizing, collaborating on and using requirements.

The training course presents the power of tool-based requirements management and teaches hands-on practices. While being applicable to any state-of-the-art tool, it uses for illustration the widely available Atlassian Jira Software with ease solutions R4J.

Participants will learn:

  • What are the fundamental building blocks of tool-based requirements management?
  • What tools are available on the market, and what are their characteristics?
  • How does tool-based requirements management differ from traditional approaches?
  • How can you set up and use a prototypical tool-based requirements solution?
  • How can you start with tool-based requirements in your own job, team, or organization?

Participants shall have a basic understanding of requirements management or a related field (e.g., business analysis, product management, systems engineering). Prior knowledge or experience with requirements tools is not required.

The course is designed as a rich and highly effective blended learning experience. At its core is an instructor-led live online session. Participants prepare the live session by guided self-study according to the flipped classroom model. After the live session they set up and try out a requirements tool in a self-paced practical exercise, following a step-by-step scenario. A discussion forum helps clarifying follow-up questions and connecting with other participants.

The instructors are subject-matter experts with long track-records of practical experience. They also know well how to facilitate highly interactive web-based learning.


The course includes the following contents:

  • Foundations of tool-based requirements management
  • Overview of the requirements tools market
  • Define requirements types and workflows
  • Structure requirements
  • Visualize requirements information
  • Trace requirements across the development lifecycle
  • Introduce and establish requirements tools

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Next Dates:

Tuesday, 19 September 2023, 13:00 – 17:00 CEST (in German)

Tuesday, 10 October 2023, 13:00 – 17:00 CEST (in English)

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Course characteristics:

4 hours live online session, instructor-led

1 day additional blended learning, self-organized

12 participants max.

Course language: German or English (see date)

Course materials in English (partly in German, upon request)

Target groups:

Persons who actively author and manage requirements, who depend on them, or who are responsible for the success of requirements, projects, and products

Requirements managers, business analysts, systems engineers, product managers, project managers, product owners, and related


Basic understanding of requirements engineering

Prior knowledge or experience with requirements tools not required


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