Tool-Based Requirements Management

Modern requirements are tool-based requirements.—But what tools fit your goals and needs? What can you expect from a modern requirements tool?

Check out our extensive resources on modern tool-based requirements management. Our deep, vendor-agnostic expertise guides you to effective requirements practices and most suitable tool support. Contact us to learn how we partner with our clients.

Tool Competence by Vendor

With some requirements tools we are particularly familiar. We can readily show and explain what you can expect from them:

There are several other tools we know well from evaluations and consulting projects, including: Caliber, IBM Rational DOORS, Polarion Requirements, VersionOne, and others.

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Market Survey

We edit the most comprehensive and up-to-date market survey of requirements tools.

The survey appears on our blog page. It features recent tool versions, tool categories, and links to product and vendor pages.

Look up the list of more than 100 tools, with a selection of 25 tools we regard particularly relevant.

Case Studies & Publications

Rapid selection & introduction of modern requirements tool

(Case study) An established medium-sized logistics company set out to develop a new software-enabled service offering. They knew that advanced requirements management was key to efficiently defining the new services and to controlling software development.

Software.Process.Management drove selection of a requirements tool (Jama, in this case), designed new requirements practices, supported a pilot project, and rolled-out the new solution. Everything in less than three months.—Contact us for details.

Large-scale requirements tool migration at Intel Mobile Communication

(Presentation & case study) Since 2004 Intel Mobile Communication (IMC) had grown a large tool-based requirements management infrastructure, enabling effective requirements reuse in worldwide distributed development. In 2012, IMC decided to change to a new tool generation.

Software.Process.Management evaluated viability of the new tool, designed requirements practices that leveraged new tool functionality, and supported roll-out of the new solution.

Experiences from this project were presented at REConf 2014 requirements engineering conference in Munich. Request the slide presentation.

Introducing requirements management with HPE ALM/Quality Center

(Case study) A vendor of high-tech factory equipment wanted to organize its requirements in a central tool base so that requirements could easily be transformed into test cases.

Software.Process.Management supported in development of new tool-based requirements practices and implemented them in HPE ALM/Quality Center. Contact us to learn more about requirements management with HPE ALM/Quality Center.

Leverage agile product requirements with Atlassian JIRA

(Case study) A manufacturer of advanced real-time systems wanted to switch to agile software development. The tool Atlassian JIRA was selected to support worldwide distributed product development.

Software.Process.Management helped to define new agile product planning and requirements management, set up customized tool support, and coached during pilot project and roll-out. Request more information on this project and on Atlassian JIRA.