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Requirements Tools

Modern requirements management is tool-based.
What can you expect from a modern requirements tool?
Which tools fit your goals and needs?
Learn to know the many advantages of tool-based requirements management. Benefit from the support of vendor-independent experts.

Market Survey

Software.Process.Management edits the most comprehensive and up-to-date market survey of requirements tools.
The survey features recent tool versions, tool categories, and links to product and vendor pages.
Look up the list of more than 100 tools, with a selection of particularly relevant ones.

Tool-Competence by Vendor

Benefit from our vendor-agnostic extensive experience with many state-of-the-art requirements tools.
Jira Software by Atlassian
Gives you rapid requirements support at very low entry cost. Scales up to effective mid-size solutions.
Jama Connect by Jama Software
One of the top-rated specialized requirements solutions. Works very well for SME and large enterprises alike.
R4J by ease solutions
R4J, Requiremens Management for Jira, adds specific requirements functionality to Atlassian Jira and lifts it on the next level of application lifecycle support.
ALM / Quality Center by Micro Focus
An excellent solution for integrating requirements across the entire application lifecycle, with top support for monitoring and reporting.

And many more ...

There are several other tools for which we can provide you with first-hand experience from evaluations and consulting projects, including: Intland codeBeamer, Micro Focus ALM Octane, IBM Rational DOORS, Siemens Polarion REQUIREMENTS, VersionOne, and others.
Contact us to learn how you can best leverage the power of modern requirements tools.